It mustn’t be in your head for ages

Where was EMDR method invented? It is method that was made by dr. Francine Shapiro in the USA. It is new psychotherapy in Prague ; it is from the end of last century. It can help to you, it will be fine that you will come and you will try this method. You will remove your traumatic problems or another problem that you have. This method can help also to toll of rape, traffic accident or another accident that can be in life of everyone. The most important is that it works, so let us to help you.


When you were small, did you experience some kind of trauma? Did you have a traffic accident or problems in the family and it follow up you so far when you’re an adult? Do you have your own family now and want to worry only about family and not about the old feelings that are constantly heard? Then we would like to offer help to you, because we have a special method that is very effective and will frees you from trouble. Which method is it? This method has name EMDR. What is it about, then? This method was discovered in the end of the last century in the USA and it is more frequently used by therapists and doctors today. Do you want to test the global method, which has helped a lot of people and be also satisfied at home and in your work life? There is a psychologist Prague for you.

Without traumatic experience

Special method EMDR is really perfect, because it works. And what problems can you solve there? It does not matter, if you have abnormal cold feet or if you have psychosomatics problems. Someone can have low self-esteem, which should be higher for you better feeling. If you have psychic problems that are visible on you physic estate, you are maybe arguing with your family or partner, you should not hesitate and should find help by our psychotherapist Prague.

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